Thursday, May 21, 2015

UPDATE! I'm still alive :)

Hello! It has been yet again too long since I've given sometime to myself and just write about anything. I have been extremely busy lately :( I have NOT yet once been able to sit back and relax. I haven't even been able to watch television like I usually do :( Oh how I miss the Food Network and my reality t.v... (Don't judge me and my guilty pleasures LOL) Let's get updating!! A while back, I told you about a break up, and whether or not "exes" can still be friends or be shut out of your life for all ETERNITY! (lol) My ex and I have decided to become friends. Its because honestly we are much better friends than girlfriend and boyfriend. We love each other and our friendship is just  too valuable to throw away. Being "just friends"actually helps us get to know more about each other. It's sad  to say this but I think I know him a lot more now than when we were dating :( (THinking about it now .. makes me realize what a terrible girlfriend I've probably been) Being friends also lessens the arguing for some wonderful reason. When we were together, we would ALWAYS argue. Now not so much. I feel like we actually listen to one another now. So its a positive thing :) kinda sad.. since we weren't like that in the beginning :( But yeah all is good. Some, especially my family and friends (my side, lol) they still don't understand how any of this is possible, They believe one of us is BOUND to get hurt. :( I hope not , since me and my "friend" talked about it and all is good for now.

Umm, I finally received "full time" at the preschool I'm working at so yay! 30 hours a week :) a teeny tiny raise :( but I get benefits! So that's cool :) I still tutor and will be tutoring the whole summer too. BUt you know, need the money gotta do my part to help the family :) .

I'm gonna try no to over think posting on my blog and use it to the best of what its made for ...ANYTHING. I think I've been over thinking this blog and forgot what it was all about when I made it. It was all about me just writing my thoughts and troubles to feel better, to share with others that it may help or others that just love to read :) BTW thank you to all of my followers AGAIN! It means so much when i get comments or views. Its such a happy feeling to know that someone out there is reading, Actually taking some time out of their day read what I wrote :)

I'm making this post too long aren't I ? Lol okay I'll try to write a little everyday to keep you updated. A little preview, there's a guy I kinda like, and I have a group trip to Zion National Park soon! Shall keep you updated! Until tomorrow... Bye! :)        

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