Sunday, January 3, 2016

A New Year, A New Perspective

Hello FRIENDS! HAPPY NEW YEAR! WOW its 2016! I still cant't believe its already the new year. I felt like 2015 went by so fast or at least Christmas/New Years Eve came quick and left for me. So now its that time of the year where everyone bust out their paper and pencils, put on their thinking caps and start their list of resolutions for the new year. I also like every other person during the start of the new year have new resolutions I'd like to reach too! Yet I've notice though, sometimes we get a little too ambitious with our resolutions that we sometimes start them but never finish them. "Giving up half way" and then trying again the following year as a "new resolution" (WHICH I DO QUITE OFTEN LOL)

So this year I tried to start something different. Or at least try to see the new year in a different perspective. We have one year ... 365 days to make ourselves even better than the last so why not use the whole year to do so? What I mean is ... why not take our BIG AMBITIOUS GOALS for the year and cutting them into smaller chunks. Doing things in a step by step process so we don't feel as overwhelmed with one HUGE goal. I know that when we imagine accomplishing the goal its such a great end feeling but sometimes it gets stressful just thinking about the GOAL as a whole.  Making yourself stressed out wont do you or anyone else any good. Os I say why not make things into stepping stones until you reach your goal. The smaller the step, the more you build a habit, the prouder you will be of yourself. :)

For my resolution, I pledge to be better to myself and I think you should too! This year I want to remind everyone just as I do to myself is to love who you are and what you have become over the past years. You may have struggled and battled some wars some people may not understand but the with all of this YOU understand and that's what makes YOU.... YOU. No one can be you. So please take care of yourself because there's only one of you... you CANNOT be replace! This may feel a bit cliche but I'm serious! Honestly at times I feel like I don't belong or I don't fit in and all I can think about is if others like me or not or how can I be more LIKABLE ?!? But when it comes down to it, when you are your true self ... people like that. People like you for you ... not for someone else. If that's the case then we should just all be programmed robots lol :P I guess I'll further into this another day.

ENOUGH HEARTTOHEART lol hopefully you're still with me here and reading to the end lol.

What's your NEW YEARS RESOLUTION for 2016? (And when I say New I mean NEW for this year. No more repeats of what you tried to do :P )


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