Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lazy Gloom OOTD

Hello my lovelies! <3
So here is my SUNDAY outfit of the day! I was lazy and the weather is super gloomy. If the forecast is correct, we should be expecting rain anytime now :) Rain is so nice ESPECIALLY when you don't have to work because you can just stay in. I love staying in when its rainy, the atmosphere is "just right" like baby bear always says!

Anyways, on me is a gray long dress (with 3/4 long sleeves) that is probably a few inches from my knees. I paired this dress with a tribal cardigan that I got at a thrift store (SCORE!) its super relaxed and comfy with a touch of color/patterns which I LOVE.The bag also from Forever21!  And then for shoes, I chose black combat-like boots I got from Forever21 which have been surprisingly very comfortable to walk around in. They are my go to shoes for the fall/winter season lately and has been doing justice :)

Hair is in a messy like side bun and hoop earrings to make the outfit look put together for an outing.

Thanks for dropping by! <3

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Year = An Even Better YOU!

HELLO my LOVELY followers :) Again I just want to say thank you so much for following and reading my nonsense :) I really do appreciate that my rants, thoughts and comments entertain you in some way :P You have been such a great ear to lean on when I need to just let something out :) Anyways!! This year has been a great change for me. I mean this in a good way! Everything is changing and I'm actually learning how to be an adult. Though I have been an adult  for a while now...LOL its still a big change for myself. Let's just say I've been sheltered for way too long and been kept inside like a hermit where I only knew of studying and video games LOL but now its different. Different in a good way. For the new start, I got a job that pertains to my major :) even though its a lot of work, my job gives me such satisfaction <3 I also cut my hair! was able to cut at least 8 inches to donate to charity :) organize my time so that I can hang out with the people who is most important to me AND!! find myself :D I just have to keep telling myself that its gonna be okay. Everything will be okay.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

BYE BYE 2014!

Before it hits 2015 I just want to wish you all a very very Happy New Year! Hopefully 2015 will bring you much more happiness,love & memorable adventures :)

Make it another great year <3 

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Black on Black

HELLO my lovelies!! I have been EXTREMELY busy the last couple of months ... So many things have happened! So many things I wanted to talk about and so little time! I gotta make time for sure though! I really miss writing ... :( I apologize for not posting at all for the last two months I really haven't forgotten about you! I really haven't I promise!!Thank you for still following ^_^ ANYWAYS here's an OOTD post :D I hope you like it!<3 P.S. You can follow me on INSTAGRAM too! Linked Above!


Black Romper/Playsuit w/ cut in front - Forever21
Black Knee High Socks - Forever21
Close Toe Off White Booties - ALDO

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Thank you <3

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Month of October

Month of October is finally here! Hopefully Autumn will be on its way towards California too and this heat goes away quickly =X. What's exciting though is the spirit that comes with the start of October. Halloween, Autumn, Sweaters, Beanies, Boots, and CANDY CORN! Lol. So many things to look forward to as Summer is coming to an end. I have a few interesting things that I found that also happens in the month of October and thought it would be worthy on your calendars or just to know. So here they are!

National Walk Your Dog: Starting the 1st-8th but make sure if you do have a dog that they have a walk everyday! :P

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month: You can go to to look for a local shelter near you. Please do your research before adopting. It's a great thing but do your research ahead of time to make sure you are truly ready for such a responsibility. :)

National Coming Out Day: This day falls on the 11th each year and is a civil holiday. A day where anyone can come out and declare their sexuality :D This website can share with you details about the date, what's its all about, and support. It can also show you how to set up gatherings in your community, as truthfully you don't have to have a set/national day to come out. :)

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: is a great place to start for info, updates, events and postings. Just remember this is something very big and should not only be focused on for one month out of the whole year.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month:  In a lifetime, the risk of getting breast cancer is 1 in 8 and is the second leading cause of cancer death for the American Women. Though it is the second leading cause, the death rate is in much lower now (1 in 28). Although this month is designated as Breast Cancer Month make sure to stay aware of your bodies! **(Both Men and Women)

National Popcorn Poppin' Month: This months about poppin'! Check out! We all love the simple kettle, buttery popcorn that we just microwave but try something new during this month! Invent a new creations with friends or family. Add wacky crazy ingredients... you'll never know... it might be Delicious!

Spa Week: 20th-26th $50 services!! Bookings starts October 15. Check out for more information! **Also for Costco card Members! There are $100 spa gift cards for ~$70ish! Check to see if you can use them at the spa place that you want to go to!  

October 20: Marks the 50th year since the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was out!

Halloween: 31st finally its on a FRIDAY! Play safe and have a great time <3

Thank you for reading! 
Enjoy the spirit of October!

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Monday, September 29, 2014

September Haul

Hello friends! Today I plan to write a few things about what I've bought during the month of SEPTEMBER! (Well ... things I bought during Labor Day Week) I know the month is coming to an end real soon so I apologize for the super late post but better late than never right? :) Bare with me! p.s. So excited that FALL IS HERE! And October is just around the corner! Anyways here are the wonderful things I bought during the month of September.

*Beware: MANY pictures! 


#1 Black polka dot shorts (semi high waisted) 
 from Forever21 
Price: $4.00 (original:~$15)

#2 White Bikini Top
From CharlotteRusse
Price: $3.50 (original: $18.00)


                                       FRONT                                                      BACK

#3 Black floral dress (length: above knee)
From Forever21



 #4 Blue/Greenish Sweater (3/4sleeves)
From Forever21
Price: $13.00


#5 Leggings/Tights (Gray/Charcoal)
*The charcoal one is lighter compared to the gray one, very thick!
From Forever21
Price: $2.50 each (original: $9.75 each) 


#6 Black and Burgundy Socks  (Knee high)
From Forever21
Price: $9.80 set pack of 2


 #7 Double Braid Headband (Light Brown)
From H&M
Price: $4.95

 #8 Black (faux leather) Choker-like Necklace
From Forever21
Price: ~$8.00

#9 Gold midi rings (set of 5) 
From H&M
Price: $1.80


#10 White wedge sandals (Size 7)
From Forever21
Price: $7.99 (original: $26.00)

#11 Mid Length Black Boots (Size 6)
From Forever21
Price: $28.00


 #12 Lace-Up Wooden Heel Platform Booties (Cream, Size 6)
From CharlotteRusse
Price: $29.00 (original: $48.99)


 #13 Lace-Up Wooden Heel Platform Booties (Brown, Size 6) 
*Platform: 2"
*Heel: 5"
From CharlotteRusse
Price: $29.00 (original: $48.99)

And that's ALL the things I bought during the month of September! I hope the pictures gave you an idea of what the item looks like :) I had  a few AMAZING STEALS as you can see! I love sales<3 lol 
I'm thinking of getting a YouTube channel for vlogging and hauls and everything fun in life :D So if these aren't detailed enough just let me know and I will post a video of me wearing each item so you can see what it looks like on someone :P Anyways HAPPY MONDAY! I hope you enjoyed!
**Thank you for reading <3

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"We can still be friends" after a breakup

"But we can still be friends? " is something we often hear when the break up the relationship ends...mostly in movies but quite often in real life. Does it really happen? Like ... if it's said ... can we really? Most people would consider the phrase "we can still be friends" practically the worst collection of words in that specific order.  Maybe its because most of us see it  as ... something that you say when breaking up and not the actual meaning of that phrase. when you hear these words...why does it make you feel uneasy? Feel worst than the realization that this relationship is about to be over in seconds. Why do people use it to express how they feel so often when most of the time its a lie? Is it really suppose to make the break-up easier because you will still be in each others lives? Does it make a difference depending on the relationship? Problems? How long you've been together?


But what happens when they really mean those six words? You have spent so much time with this other person.. you should know them already ... right? Wouldn't you believe their words and want to be friends with them too because you know and the other person knows that you both want to still be in each others lives. You created a bond that was just too hard to throw away. Just as if they became your very best friend. You can't throw away that special friendship right? A relationship does usually start as a friendship first.

But it does get awkward sometimes if there are still feelings involved.


What do you think? Is it possibly to be friends with your ex? Why or why not?

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