Sunday, July 20, 2014

Making a list, checking it twice

Going on a trip next week starting Tuesday to San Francisco! WOO!  I'm so very very excited because I've never been!! Also a vacation for the both of us (the boyfriend and I)We rarely have chances to go on a vacation together.  This will probably be our second but anyways... so very excited for the adventure! So how did we come to the decision on going up north?  Okay! So basically what happened was one of the boyfriend's closest friends is getting married and is having their wedding/reception up north in Napa Valley.  Because we live in SoCal and rarely or never go up north why not make the most of our trip there and call it a vacation. That way after the wedding we don't have to rush packing and go home the very next day but relax and enjoy ourselvesWe are planning a stay from Tuesday to Friday. Leave home on Tuesday, go home on Friday.

So today, I'm starting to write down a checklist of important things I need to bring on my trip. Essentials if you will :P I think I'm pretty much done writing the checklist ... hopefully I didn't forget anything!What are your three most important essentials when you go on a trip?

Thank you for reading!! 

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