Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Year = An Even Better YOU!

HELLO my LOVELY followers :) Again I just want to say thank you so much for following and reading my nonsense :) I really do appreciate that my rants, thoughts and comments entertain you in some way :P You have been such a great ear to lean on when I need to just let something out :) Anyways!! This year has been a great change for me. I mean this in a good way! Everything is changing and I'm actually learning how to be an adult. Though I have been an adult  for a while now...LOL its still a big change for myself. Let's just say I've been sheltered for way too long and been kept inside like a hermit where I only knew of studying and video games LOL but now its different. Different in a good way. For the new start, I got a job that pertains to my major :) even though its a lot of work, my job gives me such satisfaction <3 I also cut my hair! was able to cut at least 8 inches to donate to charity :) organize my time so that I can hang out with the people who is most important to me AND!! find myself :D I just have to keep telling myself that its gonna be okay. Everything will be okay.