Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"We can still be friends" after a breakup

"But we can still be friends? " is something we often hear when the break up happens...how the relationship ends...mostly in movies but quite often in real life. Does it really happen? Like ... if it's said ... can we really? Most people would consider the phrase "we can still be friends" practically the worst collection of words in that specific order.  Maybe its because most of us see it  as ... something that you say when breaking up and not the actual meaning of that phrase. when you hear these words...why does it make you feel uneasy? Feel worst than the realization that this relationship is about to be over in seconds. Why do people use it to express how they feel so often when most of the time its a lie? Is it really suppose to make the break-up easier because you will still be in each others lives? Does it make a difference depending on the relationship? Problems? How long you've been together?


But what happens when they really mean those six words? You have spent so much time with this other person.. you should know them already ... right? Wouldn't you believe their words and want to be friends with them too because you know and the other person knows that you both want to still be in each others lives. You created a bond that was just too hard to throw away. Just as if they became your very best friend. You can't throw away that special friendship right? A relationship does usually start as a friendship first.

But it does get awkward sometimes if there are still feelings involved.


What do you think? Is it possibly to be friends with your ex? Why or why not?

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