Wednesday, September 3, 2014

21 days

Hi guys! September is finally here! And you know what that mean ... SCHOOLS BACK! Either you are excited and pump for school or wishing you can rewind the days back to the very first day of summer to do it all over again (I know I do ... some times =x) I thought about making a post on habits. GOOD habits! The kind that you will thank yourself in the long run :)   Because of the new school year is about to start or has already started ... I thought it was be great to talk about habits that will maybe help less the stress you encounter during the school year and make your life a lot healthier and happier. The secret to it all is just 21 days. That's right! You heard right! JUST 21 DAYS. 21 days to break in a habit. Studies have shown and from my own experience that in 21 days you can break in a habit ... and lets just focus on the good habits alright? :P  So think of some possibly habits you would like to start forever with :) Because of the beginning of the school year I thought of a few habits that would be great to begin a healthy and less stress lifestyle.

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#1 Organize: With school work, with a clean room, your car! Sleeping at a specific time and waking up at a certain time etc!!  Cleaning a bit at a time (setting time to do so) everyday can build the habit to being organize and keeping these areas clean and the way you ideally imagine it to be!

#2 Exercise: Whether it may be going to the gym, going out for a walk, a little yoga stress early in the morning.

#3 Drinking enough: Drinking at least eight ~ nine 8-oz glasses of water a day is the average for a person. Keeping yourself hydrated will give you the energy to keep going for the whole day. **ALSO! I have heard that if you keep yourself well hydrated, you tend to sleep better, and less!! So you're not as tired in the morning :D ... that would make sense that some people actually drink a glass of water before bed ... it helps with digestion, and keeps your hydrated :) There is an APP if you are into tech stuff called "WATER YOUR BODY" where it will help you track how much water you take in, your habits, weight, and a reminder to drink water what time of the day!
  • Water your Body App <--- For the Android but i believe if you look it up there are TONS of apps like this for your phone type :D 
 #4 Cutting back on junk food/CANDY: Sometimes when we're stress we tend to binge of ... junk food and CANDY ... (my worst enemies >_<) Say NO and start now :)

These are just some things I thought may be a great help to change our life style for the better. 21 days ... it isn't even a whole month! But remember this ... it may take 21 days to build a good habit ... HOWEVER ... it ONLY TAKES A DAY TO BREAK. Yes that's right! only a day can break this healthy habit so ... Be strong ! Be positive! Try them out! Make a better change for yourself!
Tell me some habits your might be thinking of starting :) I would love to hear about them ^_^

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