Monday, March 23, 2015

And your name shall be ...

Hi lovely followers of mine :) Thank you for spending some of your time to read this blog of each week :) really appreciate it! I'm sorry that this week ... I wont be posting an OOTD ... its been awhile I know ... but soon! Hopefully in 2 weeks ... >< Spring outfit may be coming your way! May I first say ... SPRING IS HERE YAY! lol Im so excited to wear floral prints and  COLORS! lol ANYWAYS :P My curiosity this week goes towards baby names. have you ever wondered where all these different names come from? Or how parents think of them and how they know that that would be the perfect name for their baby?/babies?  I think everyone has some sort of story am I right? On how  you got your name. :D So I use to be a substitute for elementary school and I meet different students everyday, different amazing little ones with unique names that always makes me wonder ... during this year how do parents come up with these names? Some names I've encountered were just ... well ... really interesting ... and I mean REALLY REALLY interesting. Sometimes I'm just like ... "what?? why??" but anyways this question came to be after being in a couple of classes during the start of school ... September. I met the sweetest little kiddies and their names  made me go like this >>>>  "o_o"

So there's this little girl, the sweetest thing ever! And her name was Lexus. Which is a pretty interesting, Unique name for a unique little girl :) But then I met her sisters . She had two older sisters ... one in I believe 5th grade and the other in middle school. But her 5th grade sister was name Porcha and her older sister name was .... Mercedes ...These are all great names but it was just odd to me to somehow assume that there was a ... "theme" on how to name their three daughters. I don't know how I felt about it lol. And another girl whose name was Sapphire and her sisters also had mineral/jewel names... Diamond, Ruby... you get the jist. I just wonder what the story behind it was. It must be really interesting you know? There was one time I took a job at a middle school for 7th graders... not my cup of tea as a grade I wanted to teach but I a very sweet boy there and his name was "Billgates" Literally . It was written like that on the roster. Of course because hes older the others students just called him "Bill" but I was extremely interested on how he got his name. It was amazing I feel like it would have been truly an interesting story if  I ever asked his parents.

How I got my name was actually with the help of my dad. :) Both my mom and dad were undecisive because they had two names ready for me and didn't know which to pick while my mom was in labor. My mom always tells me that she wanted to name me "Silvia" because of her friend/co-worker who was super sweet and took care of my mom during her times in that company. She made my mom feel like her little sister and my mom became great friends with her that she thought such a great person and wanted her daughter (ME! ^^) to be just like that. However, my dad really liked the name "Michelle" because the song by the Beatles and how it had a great "ring" to it. They became very VERY indecisive at this point because they wanted to come up with a compromise. But what can you do at this point? Take the two names and smash them together to form an EVEN COOLER NAME!!?? lol Thank goodness they didn't do that. They decided to wait and choose the name that best suited me when I ... was hatched??! :) okay so when I was born I was nameless for maybe 30 minutes or so ...  they looked at me and wondered ... and i guess at that point "Michelle" was the right choice :) but! that wasn't the end! They told the nurse and as she was about to write down my name ... she looked up at my parents and asked ... would you like that with two Ls or one? My mom got to choose (that was the compromise I guess lol) and she said "One L... it will make it a lot easier for her to write ... less letters :)" which didn't really help because "MICHELLE" was the most common so my name was always written incorrectly or sometimes pronounced incorrectly ... (sometimes mistaken for the suave boys name Michele ... or Michael if you will :P)

Its a bummer not to have like merchandise that has your name on it because of its "uniqueness" but I don't regret receiving this name from my parents :). I feel like parents have great stories or good reason to have you be given the name you have. Don't think that I'm judging them because of their name! Everyone is unique in their own way whether it was a name given to them at birth or what you changed it to. Everything has a reason and we make it perfect by being who we are :

So my question is what's your name? And how did you receive it? :)
Whats the story? I would love to hear it  n_n <3

Thank you for reading~
Till next time!
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