Monday, September 29, 2014

September Haul

Hello friends! Today I plan to write a few things about what I've bought during the month of SEPTEMBER! (Well ... things I bought during Labor Day Week) I know the month is coming to an end real soon so I apologize for the super late post but better late than never right? :) Bare with me! p.s. So excited that FALL IS HERE! And October is just around the corner! Anyways here are the wonderful things I bought during the month of September.

*Beware: MANY pictures! 


#1 Black polka dot shorts (semi high waisted) 
 from Forever21 
Price: $4.00 (original:~$15)

#2 White Bikini Top
From CharlotteRusse
Price: $3.50 (original: $18.00)


                                       FRONT                                                      BACK

#3 Black floral dress (length: above knee)
From Forever21



 #4 Blue/Greenish Sweater (3/4sleeves)
From Forever21
Price: $13.00


#5 Leggings/Tights (Gray/Charcoal)
*The charcoal one is lighter compared to the gray one, very thick!
From Forever21
Price: $2.50 each (original: $9.75 each) 


#6 Black and Burgundy Socks  (Knee high)
From Forever21
Price: $9.80 set pack of 2


 #7 Double Braid Headband (Light Brown)
From H&M
Price: $4.95

 #8 Black (faux leather) Choker-like Necklace
From Forever21
Price: ~$8.00

#9 Gold midi rings (set of 5) 
From H&M
Price: $1.80


#10 White wedge sandals (Size 7)
From Forever21
Price: $7.99 (original: $26.00)

#11 Mid Length Black Boots (Size 6)
From Forever21
Price: $28.00


 #12 Lace-Up Wooden Heel Platform Booties (Cream, Size 6)
From CharlotteRusse
Price: $29.00 (original: $48.99)


 #13 Lace-Up Wooden Heel Platform Booties (Brown, Size 6) 
*Platform: 2"
*Heel: 5"
From CharlotteRusse
Price: $29.00 (original: $48.99)

And that's ALL the things I bought during the month of September! I hope the pictures gave you an idea of what the item looks like :) I had  a few AMAZING STEALS as you can see! I love sales<3 lol 
I'm thinking of getting a YouTube channel for vlogging and hauls and everything fun in life :D So if these aren't detailed enough just let me know and I will post a video of me wearing each item so you can see what it looks like on someone :P Anyways HAPPY MONDAY! I hope you enjoyed!
**Thank you for reading <3

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  1. The shoes and dress is gorgeous! ^^
    I'd love it if we could follow each other on GFC! Let me know if you follow me, so I can follow you right back~ ^^

    1. Thank you for checking out my blog! It really means a lot when I see people come to visit and leave a comment ^^

      Aww thank you! We must have great taste in dresses and shoes! <3 lol
      That would be great to follow each other! I would like that very much!

  2. your welcome! ^^ I hope you do some OOTD/fashion posts in the future~ :D
    I followed you back <3

  3. Nice! You got some great deals on these! I love all of the shoes, especially the platform booties!

    Made in Mauve

  4. The rings are so cute! I love your blog name btw. ^_^