Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The NEUTRAL Rainbow


HEY EVERYONE!! HAPPY DECEMBER! If I haven’t said that yet  :P So excited that the “MERRY” month has arrived! Though to be honest … November is probably my favorite month since Thanksgiving is my ALL TIME FAVORITE holiday is in this month as well as the change in season … when you can actually feel the season changing to Fall especially in sunny California lol. Okay enough said about November … let’s get down to business! To defeat … the HUNS! :) Today’s post is about my recent  purchase at Target on NAIL POLISH!  My mom, sister and I have just CLEANED out our old nail polishes from our little “nail polish bag” ( You know the ones that have become EXTREMELY thick, dry and CRUSTY … but for some reason you just keep and have no idea why. YEAH! So there was a 25% off all beauty items at Target and I just recently got a Target REDcard (yay 5%!) AND to top that … Essie was having a 10% on Cartwheel (which by the way if you haven’t discovered this APP you should! It’s an app with additional discount “coupons” at Target! Very easy to use so check it out to save some extra  money :D) Anyways I said to myself … “What the hey, let’s buy some Essie Nail Polish” Since the Essie brand has just a great “rave” I’d thought I give it a try. I bought  6 different shades … all in a pink/grayish color. My thoughts on my purchase were to buy polish that I could use on an everyday basis but also be professional with.  So I was immediately drawn to the “nude”/ “natural “shades.

 From left to right:
1 Ballet Slippers, 2 Fiji, 3 Eternal Optimist, 4 Chinchilly, 5 Smokin’ Hot, 6 Berry Naughty

** NOTE: The color swatches given through the internet doesn't ALWAYS match the colors seen in real life

Smokin’ Hot, and Berry Naughty wasn’t really a “nude” polish but I really liked the gray pigment of the Smokin’ Hot. That color was like a shade darker than the Chinchilly which seemed very much a neutral tone.  The Berry Naughty … Despite the NAME! Just kidding :P I really liked this dark wine/blood red color it gave off that red tone but not that “too bright red”  that stands out.. It also reminded me of Christmas so I had to get it. So I guess it is considered “neutral” in my eyes lol.

Nude nail polish is just an easy “go to” color whether you have an interview, want to be professional and clean, or just plain simple. I feel like these colors are the way to go.

The first color I started using was "Chinchilly" because it looked like "shrimppaste" HAH! 

What is your favorite “nude” or “neutral” nail color? Please share! I’d love to hear it!

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