Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Worst Nightmare!::Makeup Tools

Hello again! I'm back lol So today I thought I might blog about my experience on one of the most challenging makeup tools I've faced ... it was me versus ... drumroll please ... the EYELASH CURLER! Yes you heard right! I believe that was my most challenging makeup tool I've ever came across. Well now its not as hard as it was like ... 7 years ago lol I came across this because MY sister is now having trouble with the eyelash curler. Its challenging because its something I think we need practice on before actually making our lashes curl the way we would like them to...or maybe its just me and my sister lol. I remember when I first approach the eyelash curler. It was the night of prom and my cousin was doing my hair and makeup before my date came to pick me up. The eyelash curler needed to be or so she told me done by me because she was scared of pinching me. So we showed me how to do it and how long I should hold it. When I started clipping the curler onto my lashes I felt a slight pinch of skin being pulled ... that I panicked and let it go. I started to tear up so BAD ... it was washing off my makeup LOL. It took me like three tries to get it right but then ... the nightmare becomes worst ... I didn't know you had to hold it for a little while before your lashes actually start to curl. When I say little while ... it seriously felt like FOREVER! I started to tear up because I felt that my eye was getting EXTREMELY DRY. And then my makeup (foundation started to fail) Alas! after a COUPLE of tries, I was able to curler the lashes correctly! YAY! Though my face was a mess ... we cleaned it up and was decent to go to prom. That was my very first time using makeup  too so I didn't know if my skin was prone to certain products or not ... because of the rubbing and touching of the face ... my face became irritated/red/puffy ... (which resulted in horrible prom pictures... yuck! which we had to redo ... years later<3 that's a story for another time though!)

 So one thing I learned and will stress A LOT on with others is if you are planning to wear makeup little or a lot PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember to practice the look you plan on doing days in advance before the day of the event. This way you have an idea of what it SHOULD look like and what you liked and what you didn't like so you can tweek it your liking. Not like I did where I practiced it on the night of the event. But you know .. I'VE LEARNED! lol

So where was I going with this? LOL Oh yes ... the eyelash curler ... Though I've had my battles and most of the time I was badly beat the the darn makeup tool , I have now become a lot better at using the tool. Now, its common for me to curl my lashes before leaving the out. I feel curling and mascara really do wonders when you want a simple and clean look before leaving the house. It makes me feel more... put  together.

^Before and After Shots. This is before mascara too:) Don't I look for awake and bright in the second picture? :D                                                                        

For those you have not yet tried using the eyelash curler ... haven't went to the .. DARKSIDE LOL Just kidding!! Just makeup in general, you should really try it. Personally I think that curling the eyelashes will brighten the eyes and make them more alive ... awake... and big :)  SO I encourage those who haven't tried it ... try it! and for those who are struggling like I did or my sister ... keep practicing! (Fighting!) It's really something small that can make a HUGE difference. ENHANCES how pretty you already are<3 Thanks for reading!

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